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China Threatens Ruto After China Square Store Is Closed Due to Kuria’s Remarks

China Threatens Ruto After China Square Store Is Closed Due to Kuria’s Remarks

President William Ruto has been warned by Chinese investors of dire consequences if his government continues to discriminate against them.

This is about Trade and Investment CS Moses Kuria’s tirade against Chinese traders, in which he ordered them to be evicted from Unicity Mall, where they operate the China Square store, which has been closed indefinitely as a result of Kuria’s comments.

In a statement issued by the Kenya China Chamber of Commerce (KCCC), Chinese investors demanded that the Kenyan government ensure a business-friendly environment in the wake of China Square’s indefinite closure.

According to the Chamber, Kuria’s comments were made without consulting all involved parties. The KCCC noted that the comments violated Kenya’s policy of fostering a fair and impartial environment for trade and investment.

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The remarks of the Cabinet Secretary for Investments, Trade, and Industry to the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University about buying out the lease for China Square at the Unicity Mall offend us and make us feel discriminated against.

The statement read in part, “This was said without further consultation from all parties involved and without consideration of the consequences of such statements, which are contrary to Kenya’s investment promotion and protection regime, which has always been equitable, non-arbitrary, and non-discriminatory.”

The Chinese investors argued that their role in creating jobs and contributing to the Kenyan economy is consistent with the Kenya Kwanza manifesto, which aims to reduce the cost of living in the country.

“We are therefore requesting a healthy environment from the Government of Kenya to conduct business and trade in peace and contribute to Kenya’s growth and development through job creation and tax revenue contributions.”

“Chinese nationals are receptive to working with Kenyan merchants to reduce the cost of living for Kenyans. Our objective is not competition, but rather the growth of our respective economies,” the statement read in part.