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HomeNewsBreakthrough as Government Unleashes Sh2.4 Billion for Intern Doctors

Breakthrough as Government Unleashes Sh2.4 Billion for Intern Doctors

Breakthrough as Government Unleashes Sh2.4 Billion for Intern Doctors

On Tuesday evening, Felix Koskei, the Head of Public Service, declared the allocation of funds to support the placement of intern doctors.

There’s a hopeful indication that the current strike by doctors and clinical officers, which has caused a halt in service provision across public hospitals, might come to an end this week.

Mr. Koskei mentioned that while they were spearheading the initiative at the national level, the county administrations, constituting the second tier, were also progressing in addressing the concerns specific to their respective regions.

“On the part of the national government, the following actions have been taken in fulfilment of its obligations: Facilitated the payment of basic salary arrears accrued by the National Government/entities arising from the 2017-2021 CBA.

“Secured the necessary budgetary support of Sh2.4 billion to facilitate the immediate deployment and posting of the 2023/24 cohort of junior doctors in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC),” he said.

The matter of intern doctors has emerged as a primary concern among the striking physicians, who earlier today pledged to prolong the strike until improved working conditions are achieved.


There have been already documented instances of a notable increase in fatalities at prominent referral hospitals nationwide.

As a gesture of good faith, Mr. Koskei encouraged the doctors to reciprocate by halting the strike, thereby enabling the court-approved mediation process to resume under the guidance of the National Committee on the Health Sector.

“It is in this spirit that the leadership of KMPDU (Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentists Union) is urged to comply with its obligations under the court orders by immediately suspending the ongoing industrial action,” he said.

Insiders within the State House informed the Nation on Tuesday that President William Ruto, prior to departing the country, had directed the Health and Treasury ministries, along with Mr. Koskei, to resolve the deadlock regarding the strike before his return later in the week.

“As part of its mandate, the Whole of the Nation Approach Committee has isolated the nineteen issues raised in the industrial action notice and subsequently classified and prioritised each issue, further assigning responsibility to each tier of government.

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“Six issues were categorised as being within the mandate of the National Government, nine issues were categorised as being within the mandate of the County Governments and four issues fell under the concurrent mandate,” Mr Koskei said.

He additionally declared grants and financial aid opportunities for qualifying postgraduate medical officers.

“In this regard, all eligible postgraduate medical officers are urged to collect their posting letters from the offices of the Ministry of Health with effect from Thursday, 4 April 2024,” he said.

He mentioned that government entities at both state and institutional levels are backing initiatives aimed at resolving the ongoing conflict and achieving a lasting solution to the recurring labor disputes within the healthcare sector.

“We remain committed to promoting constructive dialogue, addressing concerns and ensuring the health and well-being of all Kenyans,” he said.

On Tuesday, the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) expressed disappointment over the Ministry and the Council of Governors’ hesitance to employ its personnel under permanent and pensionable conditions.

“We have also noted the laxity and non-commitment of the Ministry of Health and the Council of Governors to absorb our Universal Health Coverage (UHC), CHERP and COVID-19 contract staff on permanent and pensionable terms who have been on contract for over four years with inferior terms of service.

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“Discrimination in the workplace is when you have two employees with the same qualifications, same working environment and similar duties, but one has superior terms of service on permanent and pensionable contracts, while the other has inferior contractual terms.”

“The above grievances remain unaddressed by the Ministry of Health and County Governments, despite our persistent efforts to have them addressed since 2021.

“We want the Ministry of Health to immediately post and pay Public Health Officers Interns, Nutritionists Interns and Pharmaceutical Technologists Interns as per the job group and existing laws, and for the Ministry of Health and County Governments to immediately absorb all contracted Universal Health Coverage (UHC) staff, CHERP and COVID 19 staff under the principles of equal pay for equal work,” the union said.

“If these demands are not met by your offices within seven days from the date of service of this demand notice, the three listed unions will individually initiate calls for industrial action.”

All eyes will be on the KMPDU to see if they will call off the strike and offer some relief to the beleaguered health sector.

Breakthrough as Government Unleashes Sh2.4 Billion for Intern Doctors