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Blood Group O People are Money Wasters- Ugandan Doctor

Blood Group O People are Money Wasters- Ugandan Doctor

A Ugandan nutritionist, Dr Tamale Ismail, claimed that people with blood group O are money wasters. This was one of the character traits he listed out for this group of universal donors. Speaking to a local Ugandan media house, Dr Ismail claimed the profile for blood group O lies in their muscles.

“The blood group O’s profile lies in the muscle. For him, as long as he is annoyed or has a very big problem, he can cry, yell, and shout. You can tell you point blank. He can do all sorts of things. They don’t know how to handle stress. They’re very expressive, they will not keep quiet. They will say it out, they will shout, they will yell, and make one million phone calls.

With such a body system, with their stress profile that lies in the muscles, these are people who are supposed to work out. That’s why if they sit down without doing any exercises, they are likely to have pain in the shoulders and neck. If they sit down from Monday to Thursday, they can even get sick. Temperature can even go to 40.

Whenever they are annoyed, 80% of the decisions they are about to make are wrong. Because their body system is in the muscle. He is a person who will go and find workers have messed up somewhere in the farm and fires them, then the following day, there is nobody working for him and doesn’t know whether to call them back,” claimed Dr Ismail.

He also claimed that once people in this blood group get excited like in fundraisers, they finish everything in their pocket. They can even pledge what they do not have at the moment.


“Then when he goes back home he says ‘But I think I pledged a lot of money, I have some problems here and I don’t know where I will get a lot of money’. He can even go to borrow money to fulfill a pledge,” added Dr Ismail in a conversation with NBS Television’s Health Xtra.

He went on to describe them as extravagant spenders who only came to their senses after making large purchases.

Additionally, he profiled blood groups A and AB as very quiet people who are organized, know how to keep time, and are not as social with people as other groups. They also do not like being lied to.

Research continues to be done regarding the personalities of people in various blood groups. According to a Research Gate 2020 finding, however, there is no positive relationship between the personality traits of a person with the blood groups.

“The present study attempted to answer the relationship of the personality traits with the blood groups. It was indicated that there is no positive relationship between the two of them, despite the agreement and the difference in the results of similar studies. However, similar studies can be conducted in the future on the relationship of the blood groups with some psychological, ethnic, cultural, and orientation towards religiosity factors to reinforce understanding of human behavior. However, there is a need for more scrutiny and study. Also, we can uncover the effect of social factors and behaviors connected with health problems on personality traits that have a relationship with the blood groups,” concluded Research Gate.

Blood Group O People are Money Wasters- Ugandan Doctor