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HomeNewsAnother Covid Scandal has occurred.

Another Covid Scandal has occurred.

Another Covid Scandal has occurred.

Tory donor’s company paid £11 million to deliver PPE and now receives £4.5 million in taxpayer funds to DESTROY it.

Clipper Logistics is being paid £4.5 million to dispose of Covid equipment that the Conservatives purchased at exorbitant prices but found to be useless. Gowns, goggles, and surgical gloves will be disposed of incineratively.

A Conservative donor’s company that was paid £11 million to deliver PPE is now being paid £4.5 million to incinerate it.

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Clipper Logistics was founded by Steve Parkin, right, a Ferrari driver who also owns a jet and a helicopter.

After selling Clipper, he donated £730,000 to the Conservatives and remains a shareholder.

“Ministers must explain this,” Labour’s Angela Rayner said.

Millions of pounds are being burned after a Tory donor’s firm was hired to burn duff PPE – after earning a fortune to deliver it.

Clipper Logistics is being paid £4.5 million to dispose of Covid equipment that the Conservatives purchased at exorbitant prices but found to be useless. Gowns, goggles, and surgical gloves will be disposed of incineratively.

Clipper, one of the UK’s leading storage and delivery companies, received £11 million in taxpayer funds two years ago to deliver PPE.

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The arrangements have reignited claims of contract cronyism after it was revealed that Clipper’s founder, Steve Parkin, 62, has given the Conservatives £730,000 since 2017.

Labour has slammed “greedy deals” that have cost taxpayers a fortune.

tycoon who enjoys driving Ferraris Mr. Parkin, a former coal miner who allegedly paid Robbie Williams £1 million to perform at a private party, is one of the Conservative Party’s most generous donors.

He owns a private jet and helicopter and is a member of the “Leader’s Group” of VIPs who wine and dine top Conservatives. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was once described as “one of my heroes… a genius” by Mr. Parkin.

While there is no allegation of wrongdoing against Clipper or Mr. Parkin, critics say the arrangement demonstrates how Covid contacts benefit Tory supporters.

According to Labour, more than £3.5 billion in Covid contracts were awarded to Tory donors and ministers’ friends.

“The Tories’ conveyor belt of sleaze and incompetence has come full circle,” deputy leader Angela Rayner said. They gave millions to a donor’s firm that had no experience delivering PPE, then gave millions more to the same firm to incinerate it.

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“Taxpayers’ money is burning as the government’s bonfire of useless PPE grows. Ministers must be transparent about these shady deals and explain how a Tory donor’s company was awarded millions of dollars for this shambles.”

During the first year of the pandemic, the Conservatives spent £12 billion on personal protective equipment (PPE). However, £4 billion in equipment did not meet NHS standards or was simply unusable.

Ministers are now offering lucrative deals to get rid of the equipment.

Furthermore, taxpayers pay £1 million per day to store 13 billion excess items. Clipper was awarded an £11 million contract to distribute personal protective equipment in 2020. When Labour demanded details of the “secret” contract in 2021, the terms were made public.

Because Clipper was subcontracted to another company, health ministers insisted there was no contract to publish. Clipper claimed to have processed 7.4 billion PPE items by the end of 2020. Its agreement to dispose of PPE was signed last October, following the sale of Clipper to US logistics giant GXO.

Mr. Parkin’s involvement in the company ended as part of the £964 million sale. However, he and other top executives kept millions in stock.

The UK Health Security Agency also awarded Clipper a £1.95 million contract for transport and storage services in April.

“The public deserves to know the full details of how this Conservative-affiliated company landed these contracts,” said senior Lib Dem Christine Jardine. We need transparency, not cronyism and cover-ups. Conservative ministers squandered billions on questionable PPE contracts and are now spending millions more to destroy it. Another example of how out of touch this government truly is.”

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Estate-raised by the council Mr. Parkin dropped out of school at the age of 16 and began working in the pits. Before launching Clipper in 1992, he worked as an HGV driver. He allegedly made £240 million from shares after the company was floated in 2014.

Despite his working-class roots, Mr. Parkin has said: “I’ve always been a Tory even though I was brought up in a very humble background. “I’ve always been a believer in capitalism.”

The father of four has a stud farm with 100 horses on a 300-acre estate near Harrogate, North Yorks. His Ferrari F12 is referred to as “my little toy” him.

Mr. Parkin allegedly hired former Take That singer Robbie to perform at his housewarming after unsuccessfully attempting to book Bruce Springsteen and Prince.

“The lake at my house was going to turn purple as he sang Purple Rain,” he said in an interview last year. We exchanged contracts. A few days later, a friend called to inform me that Prince had died. As a result, we had to settle for the third option, Robbie Williams. He dubbed himself “the sub of subs,” and he was incredible.”

Sir Rod Stewart and Sir Elton John were reportedly paid to perform at other parties at his estate.

Clipper fulfills orders for retailers such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Asda, and JD Sports. It was chastised by employees for alleged lack of social distancing in depots processing products such as false eyelashes and boob tubes.

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A Covid outbreak occurred in July 2020 at Clipper’s Pretty Little Thing distribution center in Sheffield, prompting a local lockdown.

In 2020-21, the company made a profit of £37.9 million. “GXO is proud that Clipper, which it acquired in May 2022, supported Britain during the pandemic,” a GXO spokesperson said. We will continue to work with our customers across the UK.”

Mr. Parkin was asked to comment.

“These contracts were awarded following procurement regulations, and the details have been made public,” the government stated. We will continue to sell, donate, repurpose, and recycle excess PPE in the most cost-effective manner possible, while also attempting to recover costs from suppliers where possible to ensure taxpayer value for money.”