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HomeNewsAndrew Tate Considers Legal Action Against Accuser

Andrew Tate Considers Legal Action Against Accuser

Andrew Tate Considers Legal Action Against Accuser

Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer, has threatened legal action against at least one of the women who have accused him of rape and human trafficking.

In December, a “cease-and-desist” letter was sent by a US law firm on behalf of Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, according to attorneys for the woman in the United States.

The woman and her parents were threatened with a $300 million (£249 million) lawsuit if she did not retract her statements.

A lawyer for the Tate family stated that they were pursuing valid defamation claims.

The BBC has seen a redacted version of the letter, which was reportedly sent by the brothers.

“In April 2022, you falsely reported to a third party that our Client had subjected you to human trafficking, abused you, and held you against your will […] You have repeatedly made false and defamatory statements about the Tate brothers to the police, the media, and another U.S. citizen.”

Andrew and Tristan Tate are being held in preventative custody in Romania as police investigate allegations of human trafficking and rape, which both men deny.

Benjamin Bull, an employee of the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation, asserts that his client is a crucial witness in the Romanian investigation and that the letter was intended to accomplish “one and only one thing”:

“[It] was intended to silence the witness; to prevent the witness from testifying in any proceeding,” he said.

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“They want these young women to dig a hole and hide, never coming forward or describing what they saw and what happened. This is an attempt to intimidate.”

The Tates’ attorneys have confirmed to the BBC that the cease-and-desist letter was sent in December, as a civil matter for defamation and slander in the United States, but they deny any form of intimidation.

Tina Glandian, one of their legal advisors, stated that pursuing valid legal claims for defamation was not abnormal. She stated, “The fact that [the Tates] are currently incarcerated is not an excuse for them not to pursue their legal rights.”

The investigation into allegations of rape and human trafficking is believed to rely at least in part on the testimony of six women. No charges have been filed as of yet.

In addition, the Tates’ legal team disclosed that the brothers filed criminal complaints in Romania against two women, including the witness who received the cease-and-desist letter in December, in April of last year.

Ms. Glandian stated that the criminal complaints filed in April were in response to allegations that the Tate brothers were holding two women against their will.

“She explained that [the Tates] was not arrested in April due to the absence of any evidence. [At that time], they were falsely accused, and they had every right to file criminal complaints for having their homes raided and property confiscated.”

She states that the outcomes of these criminal complaints are still pending.

Benjamin Bull, who represents some of the witnesses in the ongoing Tate investigation, states that legal action has been distressing and intimidating for his clients.

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However, Dani Pinter, a member of the same legal team, asserts that it is not just the threat of legal action, but also the online harassment that many of her clients face for speaking out.

She told me that Tate’s followers regularly distribute videos with a high production value that are intended to embarrass and harass them.

“Making extremely salacious claims, trying to slur them, and claiming they are liars. However, this also includes their private information, such as where they work and who their family members are, to incite harassment. And it’s working.”

She claims that the two alleged victims she represents have received death threats.

“They are terrified. Both parties are in hiding. They believe they cannot settle anywhere because so many people are looking for them.”

The names of the six women involved in the prosecution’s case have been kept strictly confidential. However, some individuals’ full names have been published on social media.

In addition, the names of two witnesses appeared in a statement from the Tates’ US communications team to the BBC. They are not identified publicly by the BBC.


Andrew Tate and his brother do not have access to social media while in custody, but they have amassed a large and devoted following of online-active supporters.

Some accounts appear to be fully staffed, regularly releasing videos and documents designed to discredit the testimony of witnesses and other women who have made allegations against the Tate family.

One of the most active accounts published the full name, social media handles, and WhatsApp messages of one of the alleged investigation victims earlier this week.

The BBC has reached out to the account for comment, but no response has yet been received.

Even those who merely scratch the surface of this narrative can become a target.

Daria Gusa told the BBC and others that she received a private Instagram message from Andrew Tate when she was 16 years old. It followed the same pattern he outlined in online speeches on how to attract a woman’s attention and gain her influence.

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She did not accuse him of committing any crime.

“I received several messages,” she told me. “The majority were from people accusing me of lying or calling me a whore.”

She also received 10 to 15 online threats.

Daria reported receiving a text message from a man who stated, “I know where you are because your class schedule is posted online and I am aware of your location.”

She claims that a number of her friends, who also appear to have had contact with him, have refused to discuss their encounters.

She explained, “It’s not just the people who work for him.” “There are millions of men who idolize these people and would do anything to protect them and their image, so, understandably, so many girls don’t want to speak up.”

It is unclear who operates some of the most active accounts defending the Tate family or the extent of their cooperation.

However, the risks for women who make public allegations against Andrew Tate can be substantial and come from a variety of sources.