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ALERT ABOUT MILK, Urgent warning!

ALERT ABOUT MILK, Urgent warning! NHS-supplied baby milk is contaminated with lead – the 7 warning signs you should be aware of
Breast milk given to newborns by NHS hospitals has been recalled after an investigation revealed that some of it contained lead.

The tainted milk was given to premature babies in seven hospitals across the UK, six in England and one in Wales.
NeoKare Nutrition milk tested positive for elevated levels of the toxic metal, which can be especially harmful to young children. the Food Standards Agency claims (FSA).

The list of hospitals affected has not yet been released, but the NHS has contacted families whose children were given the milk products.

Lead poisoning, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), can lower children’s IQ and increase antisocial behavior.

While the product has been recalled, the levels of lead found in the milk are not considered to be genuinely dangerous, according to the FSA.

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According to NeoKare Nutrition, the risk to children from contaminated milk products is “low.”

“Exposure to lead from these products was most likely brief.

“Adverse effects from lead typically arise from repeated exposure over an extended period,” according to the manufacturer’s website.

As a precaution, the FSA and Trading Standards have advised that all products sold by the company be withdrawn and recalled.

The pharma company has notified a small number of customers who purchased the affected products online.

The recall notice applies to four products that were previously available for purchase online. They are as follows:

MOTHER’S MILK FORTIFIER (MMF) POWDER 10 x 1g, food for special medical purposes, supplied to NHS Hospitals only for use primarily in clinical trials involving preterm babies, not for retail sale.
POWDER OF PASTEURIZED HUMAN BREAST MILK (PHBM) 6g (supplied directly to customers online)
15ml and 50ml 70CAL LIQUID FROZEN (supplied to the NHS Hospitals and supplied directly to customers online)
LIQUID FROZEN PASTEURIZED HUMAN BREAST MILK (PHBM) 50ml (supplied directly to customers online)

The FSA’s director of operations, Junior Johnson, stated: “This is understandably upsetting for the parents and guardians involved. We collaborated closely with public health authorities and the NHS to assess the health risk, which we believe is low.

“Following advice from the FSA and Trading Standards, the company recalled the products, and we have notified customers and patients.

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“Retail customers and families whose children received the products have received additional assistance.

“We will continue to work with Trading Standards to ensure that the public is not exposed to any further food safety risks.”

“We have been working with the local authority and the Food Standards Agency because lead has been found in a small number of our products,” according to a statement on NeoKare Nutrition’s website.

“With public health at the forefront, we have taken the precautionary step of recalling all NeoKare Ltd products.”

The 7 signs of childhood lead poisoning
Lead poisoning is especially dangerous in young children. This is because children absorb more lead than adults.

Because of their growing bones and other organs in which lead can be deposited, children absorb more lead than adults.

Young children may exhibit the following signs and symptoms:

irritability and exhaustion
appetite loss and weight loss
stomach ache
hearing impairment
Learning difficulties and developmental delays
Source: WHO

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