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4 Kenyan celebs who have vowed to never marry

4 Kenyan celebs who have vowed to never marry. There was a time when marriage and having children were societal conventions that everyone obeyed. There are numerous reasons why marriage has taken second place nowadays, ranging from being preoccupied with work to having a poor marriage.

Celebrities aren’t far behind in stating unequivocally that they never want to get married.

While some celebrities have been married several times, others simply do not marry. They want long-term relationships with no formal commitments. Here are some celebrities that have refused to marry:

Betty Kyalo

If you’re a fan of the Kyallo sisters’ Kyallo Culture, you’ve probably heard famous media figure Betty swear she’ll never go down the aisle. According to the famed Miss Entrepreneur, she has been heartbroken too many times to trust that any relationship is everlasting.

“If I were dating someone right now, I’d be like, for today, we’re fine,” she explained.

Betty is well aware of this, having previously married fellow TV journalist Denis Okari. They married on October 2, 2015, however, their marriage ended six months later.

“The divorce affected my perception of marriage. “We had been so happy for four years that it didn’t make sense that we were only there for six months inside the marriage,” she explained.

She claims she prefers dating and come-and-stay situations these days.

“If I met a nice guy who I think I would want to be my partner for life, I probably would not go down the aisle. I’d probably just date, come and stay, or have a traditional wedding and be done with it. I’m not sure what it is about the white clothing, but there is something about it.”

Kageni Maina

Despite admitting to a penchant for ladies, Maina Kageni has never been a lover of marriage. Maina states he dislikes the commitment that comes with the marriage institution because men are constantly striving to impress their partners, which he does not believe in.

He also feels that marriage is not for everyone.’

Oga Obinna

During an interview with SPM Buzz, the comedian-cum radio host stated that he will never marry since it is a swindle.

“Unless it’s a couple of folks getting married, yeah!” Marriage to the same individual over time, on the other hand, is a swindle. Because one person will eventually fall out of love, and they will want out like no, no, no, and it will be crazy and messy. So marriage is out,” he stated.

Obinna, interestingly, has fathered four children with four separate baby moms. Although he has never been married, he believes in love. He has admitted that one of his greatest anxieties is the ‘character development’ that occurs when a relationship end

Andrew Kibe

The outspoken media figure stated in an interview with BuzzCentral that he will never marry. Kibe admitted to having been married twice and pledged not to marry again when his second marriage failed.

“I was full of crap, and I recognized marriage wasn’t for me,” he explained.