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10 Indicators You’re Doing Better Than You Think

10 Indicators You’re Doing Better Than You Think. When you’re depressed, it could be simple to embrace a “glass half empty” perspective on life.
But even when things are difficult or you begin to worry about what you haven’t attained in life, it’s crucial to focus on what you do have.
Even if you feel like something is wrong in your life, you should be proud of those little accomplishments since the growth and progress you’ve accomplished so far haven’t been simple.
These are all the ways you’re doing better than you believe you are, without a doubt.

1.This month, you paid your bills.

If you had enough money for the necessities and perhaps even a few extras, you’re doing fine — don’t sell yourself short because you’re not a billionaire yet. This is more than many people can say in these uncertain times.

2.You can take very good care of yourself.

Yes, ordering takeout or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series on the couch count. You are already taking care of your mental health if you have time for activities besides work and sleep. To survive, a lot of people in this world simply work nonstop till they fall asleep.

3.You have no concerns about skipping meals.

If there is always food in your cupboard or refrigerator and you have the means to feed yourself daily, hunger is a major problem. Don’t undersell yourself; if you’re not panicking about where your next meal will come from, you’re doing fairly well.

4.Probably have at least one close family member or close friend in your network of support.

People sometimes worry about how many friends they have, but during a pandemic, you realize that the people that count most aren’t the casual acquaintances you hang out with or check in with occasionally. If you experience any sense of belonging and joy in your life—which is more than many people can say—that is.

5.You’ve acquired knowledge from previous failures.

Since it’s said that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, congrats if you’ve managed to change for the better in the past few years or at the very least avoided repeating previous disastrous choices. Even if many people don’t learn from their mistakes, you can use such experiences as valuable life lessons.

6.You’re able to provide for more than just the basic factors.

This entails having a variety of clothes in your closet or a morning cup of coffee. Even the luxury of a full tank of gas is included. Other people don’t have these goods in their situations, although many of us take them for granted

7.You’ve made some headway.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve earned a degree, reached a goal, or landed the job of your dreams; what matters is that you’ve moved forward and aren’t standing still. Making progress is important, but often we get caught up in comparing our lives to those of others. We’re here to say that steady growth is also important to celebrate and should be viewed as a victory.

8.You possess strong intuition and alertness.

It’s important to trust your instincts when making decisions. Even if you’re unsure of what it is, it’s a major matter if you ever have a sense that something is off. Your instincts safeguard and guide you throughout life. Most importantly, these instincts and awareness help you prioritize taking care of yourself and keep you always putting yourself first.

9.You have a place to call your own and a roof above your head.

Owning a space of your own is a huge privilege at a time when homelessness is a significant issue. This need not imply that you are single or a homeowner. Having a desk or a little area where you can gather your thoughts and have total control over your universe and the people you let in is preferable.

10.You can change.

The most crucial attribute you can have is the capacity to quickly adapt to whatever comes your way. Without learning to adopt a flexible attitude and follow the flow, success is never possible. You’re doing better than you think as long as you’re not resisting change.